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Recently google has announced new indexing system “Google Caffeine”, everyone are interested in how google new indexing system will affect their SEO, Let me explain few insights of “Google Caffeine”

Google Caffeine is just change in indexing method i.e. how it indexes and how it give information or search results. Before Google use to take few weeks to crawl your website and then it index was updates. But caffeine was introduced to improve the speed, relevancy, size and comprehensiveness of google search.

So, Google is indexing faster than before, SEO activities done for your website may have faster impact on Seo rankings. No need of waiting for few weeks to expect your ranking or Seo results.

Google Caffeine is giving greater importance for real time web, such as Twitter and Facebook updates directly into their results. So, using social media and social bookmarking for your SEO strategy will not only assist in ranking within the real time search results and it will help google to index your content fast.

Google Caffeine gives a greater importance for content quality and website speed, reliability of your website. This means your website loading time can affect your website rankings, so anything you can do to improve your website load time will be beneficial. Comparatively to know about google caffeine and old google indexing methods check the below link and
Google caffeine indexes the web more frequently and deeply for providing real time search results up to the minute content, such as blogs and tweets.

These are the few insights of Google Caffeine, so it concentrate more on social media and social bookmarking, For better Seo results and good page rank of your website, try to link your website to Social media so it may get indexed fast and it will help you to get the good ranking also.

Posted by Ramya