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Is Domain alias good for SEO?

Before we get into the topic, lets look into this point – What is the need for domain aliases or what is the purpose of purchasing multiple domains for a business?

a. Brand protection – to protect your brand named domains.

b. to recover visitors typing your domain name mis-spelt.

Years back, SEO experts suggested to have 301 redirects to avoid Google treat your duplicate content of domain aliases as scam.

Now, Google looks at duplicate content in a different way. After the RSS evolved, it could no more treat the duplicate content as scam, instead Google started analysing them – finding the core of the content, the origin and the values of it from various factors (as usual un-disclosed factor ). So, whenever Google finds a bunch of websites with the same content, it tries to – order them, remove less valuable, and put the most relevant one in SERPs.

So Duplicate Content is NO MORE A SCAM.

OK, does that mean we can have multiple domain aliases with the same content?

To dive deep into it, lets take and as an example.

Here if the websites are well optimized there is a fair chance that both the domains can be shown in SERPs (adding advantage of capturing one more placement in SERPs). Most of the times as these domains have different values for itself, only either of the domain can be seen in SERPs. It looks more advantageous?? IT MAY sound like..

My point is if in any case if both primarydomain and aliasdomain shown in SERPs

1. will visitors be not confused on which is the official one?

2. will visitors realize these are just domain aliases and the duplicate content they see doesn’t mean they are un-official resource?

3. If in case visitors comes across more often and links them from other places – what could be the effect for

4. which domain will you promote in your business card?

5. you can expect only either of the domain to show up in SERPs – then can you control on which domain have to be shown.

I couldn’t find answer for these anywhere around.

My understanding is when you have domain aliases without redirects the core purpose (point a & b mentioned above) of having multiple domains is lost.