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How to maintain strong search engine ranking?

Search engine rankings are very essential for all business to improve their online visibility and also to gain traffic. If we have optimized properly then we can gain traffic easily from the search engines to improve the website ranking.

Here are the 3 simple SEO tips to maintain a high website rank or traffic within short time period…

1. Adding Fresh Content:

By adding fresh content to the sites is a better way to grasp the attention of search engine spiders. These spiders will crawl & update the website rank accordingly to the relevance of the content. The more often we update our site with fresh content we get the higher ranking. It depends upon the content being relevant and containing quality information.

2. Different Online Marketing Strategies:

Different strategies such as article submission, press releases, viral reports (social media optimization technique), forum participation, directories submission, social bookmarking and social networking to increase the publicity. These strategies are also a part of gaining traffic and increasing the site ranking level.

3. Link Exchange:

By participating in forums, blog posting and social networking we can exchange links with other sites. So by increasing the number of incoming links it will improve the rank of our website because search engines view incoming links and consider it as popularity or as a validation.

How to Repair Broken Links to Maintain Search Engine Ranking?

By having lot of content there is a chance of linking within our pages or post of our own blog and other internal content. We won’t come to know which links are broken, so it’s better to check our links periodically to repair the broken ones. Google consider these as a dead or old broken links which affect the site’s ranking. Checking broken links is important if we’ve been blogging from a long time.

Solution: By using this Broken Link Checker for our website it doesn’t lead to any dead links.

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