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Google Real Time Search, a new tool from Google which is integrated in to search result pages provides relevant and fresh updates from social networking sites on topics of your interest.

Okay, let’s understand how to use this tool and what features helps to provide relevant and fresh updates from social networking sites.

Google has created a new home page for its real time search feature, where users can view the fresh search results from services like twitter, facebook, myspace and many more.

Here it is,

Google Alerts: Real Time Alerts helps you to stay informed about topic of your interest. Google alerts allows you to get the email updates of the fresh and relevant search results the moment it appears on the web. You can also manage your email volume by setting alerts to email you once per day or week. The option called “Type” helps you to monitor the search results to find related news, blogs, video, discussion or everything.

Geographic Refinements: Want to know what’s going on around you? Now its very easy to find out through “Custom Location” feature in Google Real Time Search. Geographical Filtering allows you to see the recent updates near you or in a particular city you specify. The below screen shot shows how the Real Time Search Results are displayed for Climate with location Bangalore.

Conversation View: The option called “Full Conversation” which appears near the tweets lets you to see the discussion associated with them. This new feature helps us to view the retweets and replies in a single glance. Here is an example,

Once you click on Full Conversation option, you can see the below thread.

As we all know, Real Time Search Results displays the latest updates by default. This feature sorts the information by date and time. If you are interested in results ranked by their relevance to your search query, then go for “Any time” option in the left panel. This option lists the most relevant updates regardless of date and time. You can also check for only results with image thumbnails by clicking on “Updates with images”.

So let’s make the best use of Google Real Time Search, which helps us to refine and understand the search results.

– Posted by Rajeshwari