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Google introducing several new features to google places, here is the brief explanation about google places new features. The new features are

  1. Place page posts.
  2. Advertise
  3. Coupons

Place page posts: You can share recent updates about your business with users on your listing’s place page. You can post up to 160 characters about your updates, one post appears at a time.

To post to your Place Page, follow the instructions given:

  1. Login to your Google places account.
  2. Select the listing which you want to post, and click either Impressions column or Actions column.
  3. In the top right hand side of the corner, you can find a box that allows you to post.
  4. Write you message and you can click post.
  5. You can post up to 160 characters.
  6. After posting you place post, posts can be deleted from google places dashboard using the Delete link next to the post.
  7. Each place page will show one post at a time, if you post new one it will override the currently showing in your account.
  8. Here is an example how you page post will appear in google place searches

Advertise: Google places allow you to advertise about your business by highlighting with a yellow marker, which will appear next to your business listing on google maps, it will cost $25 per month. It will not affect any ranking factors, simple it gives more information when a user is searching.

Google places allow you to advertise your business for 30 days free trial, all you need is a PIN verified business listing in your google places account and a credit card. To start google tags 30 days free trail, follow the steps given

  1. Login to your google places account and view your dashboard.
  2. Find the listing you would like to add the tag
  3. Click the “create Tags” link
  4. Scroll down the pages and the see yellow box below your listing’s activity dashboard
  5. Choose the feature of your business you want to highlight by selecting it in the dropdown menu.
  6. Click “proceed to billing” to enter your credit card information.
  7. Click Active my listing

If you completed the above process, your tag will start displaying in results on google within few hours only. You can edit your tag at any time. To know more about how to use this feature, check this

Coupons: Local listing coupons help you to promote your business discounts to local consumers, here is the steps to create your coupon in your local listings at google.

  1. Login to your local business account.
  2. Click on the coupons tab in the top.
  3. Click add new coupon.
  4. You’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out different fields including headline, sub-heading, description, image, and offer code of your business.
  5. Clicks continue.
  6. Your coupon will appear in your local business listing within 24 hours. You can find the coupon in Google Maps by clicking more info in your listing’s info bubble, and clicking the ‘Coupons’ tab.`

These are the new features recently added to google places. Try to use these features to maximizing your business visibility in google.

Posted by Ramya