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Though multiple Google Places bugs have been reported, here are top 3 noticed and most discussed ones.

1. Google Maps shows wrong star rating: Third party reviews show WRONG star rating

Google pulls information like reviews, ratings from third parties, which it believes can help users to make informed decisions. But this bug which has been reported lately can damage the business to large extent allowing searches to be mislead and can collapse the reputation of the business online.

There are many business owners complaining about this issue.

Wouldn’t it be better to have no reviews instead of negative reviews or low rated reviews been shown for your business?

Google says it can take multiple weeks to resolve this problem. hmm..

2. Single Local Business Listing shown for Category Search

This bug has been discussed for a long time and still exists. The case is worse now which shows a Place Page of a single wrong listing.

Vanessa Fox reported an instance similar today.

I noticed this one –

shows one single listing Place Page of ‘London Foot Surgery & Podiatry Clinic’ whose actual business name is ‘Premier Foot & Ankle Centre’. Being an owner verified listing – shouldn’t the title be the actual business name instead of those keywords stuffed ones? Does that mean any business can include potential keywords as their title and try to be shown for such search?

3. Google Places showing wrong business information

Note: Many of this issue have been resolved after Google closed the open edit option.

  • Many business owners complains saying their business is associated with wrong/other business information for which they receive enquiries and it annoys them.
  • There are instances for a listing being hi-jacked.

After discussing all these points (and when someone knows whatever changes you make in Google Places will not work as quick as Google Search), there can be a thought – what is the point in trying Google Places then?

Beyond all these there are many advantages of Google Places.

  • Most of the time the users who comes to your business through Google Places are highly potential – who were looking for directions, your working hours, or your phone number. The conversion rate is comparatively high.
  • And now with Google Places Analytics you can work wonders for your business – it allows you to take top level business decisions like expanding your business when you see ‘driving direction request’ coming largely from a particular location.

To conclude – whatever it is everyone have to rely on Google to run a business.

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