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Everyone knows snippet in google results, google provides small sample content of your webpage in results called “Snippets”. Same way google has “Rich Snippets” which provides summary information about search results including reviews and people. When users are searching for some services, then users can easily view reviews and ratings. These Rich snippets are now available only for social networking sites and review sites, business listings and events. For example Rich snippets will appear in google results like marked in the below picture.

To display rich snippets, google needs mark up i.e. HTML content in microdata, micro formats or RDF format. To prepare markups for your business or webpage’s please see Rich Snippets and Structured markup .Once you are done with your markup of your website, you can test you snippet using the new google rich snippets testing tool, which is announced recently.

Once if you added your markup for appropriate pages across the website, google will not display the rich snippets as soon as you added, to show your interest in rich snippet you have to fill this form. If you have any videos in your page, you can mark up that to help google.

Well, Google has announced recently some improvements in Rich Snippets to support Breadcrumbs and Events.

Recently Google has added Breadcrumbs markups format, so that you can tell google how the Breadcrumbs should display, again it is not guarantee to display your markup, but it will increase the chances to display. See this to create Breadcrumbs for your webpage. Same way google added rich snippet for events also.

These three are the new features of Google Rich Snippets, make use of these features to dive more traffic into your webpage.

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