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Everyone knows that Social book marking is a method where users can share and manage their bookmarks of web resource. But, is social bookmarking helpful to promote your business and can we increase traffic through this.

Yes, we can promote our business and it will help your site to get better ranks in search engines. If you use effective social book marking, you can get indexed by search engines easily and it will boost up your traffic enormously.

There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites providing free book marking options ex:,, and like that so many free social book marking sites are there. So, use free bookmarking sites, book mark your websites and use potential keywords related to your business, the more keywords visible in search engines. Make sure, that you are placing your book marks in right category. So many people fail to place in appropriate category, there are some book marking sites which will not accept, if the category is not match with business.

The titles and headlines of your book marking should be fascinating, because the title is the first thing notice by readers. If that is not good and not related to your business, then obviously your website traffic from bookmarking will reduce.

Give a brief and vital description of your website or business it should be catchy enough. We often know that people not like to read lengthy descriptions so, better go to the straight point.

By Bookmarking your websites it will not over there only, try to participate in bookmarking activities, add friends and comment their links. Bookmark other sites also. These activities will help to your site for getting index and traffic also.

So, social bookmarking is not complicated thing, but it should be used effectively to drive traffic into your site.

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The next renovation area for Google is Google Image Search. Google in its blog mentions about the new features that it has incorporated. As a user, let me analyse each and every feature/functionality listed with their pros and cons.

1. Dense Tiled Layout:

Google says: designed to make it easy to look at lots of images at once. We want to get the app out of the way so you can find what you’re really looking for

Actual Experience: Yes, of course you can see many images in a single glance – but as some images has a white background it makes users to mix up two images – couldn’t find the borders easily unless we hover.

Pros: Seeing many images in a single glance serves the purpose of any user.

Cons: As we are used to clear bordered well-organized image results, this output page looks cluttered.

Google Image Search - compare

Google Image Search - compare look

2. Larger thumbnail previews

Google says: Larger thumbnail previews on the results page, designed for modern browsers and high-res screens.

Actual Experience: Yes, when I look high resolution images it is more appealing and impressive

No pros or cons as such.

3. A hover pane

Google says: A hover pane that appears when you mouse over a given thumbnail image, giving you a larger preview, more info about the image and other image-specific features such as “Similar images.”

Actual Experience:

As many webmasters weren’t concerned about image file names in the past, I can see images named 3347367209_0903f5a3be.jpg or as “400_F_13367266_3qpGXFwW0dBwDGgn0p4QStOEtccs9ru2.jpg” where only “400_F_13367266_3qpGXFwW” is shown (we miss to see the file type here) – which means if the image file names are longer, the hover pane will not be able to show you the file type. This could be a major usability issue, as looking at the file type gives a greater understanding.

Google Image Search - Hover Feature

Google Image Search - Hover Feature

One odd feature I observed and wondered with this was – after hovering over an image if I select the image file name, it keeps selected when I do consecutive image hovers and keeps continuing until I deselect. Give a try yourself 🙂 I don’t think this could be done for Usability – any thoughts??


"file name" selected once works for consecutive hovers


It gives a compelling reason to name an image file SEO friendly. So webmasters in future will make sure the image file names are descriptive and not long.


And this hover pane highlights the image file name which will serve as token to impress users. And as SEO experts we all know whichever has the potential to attract visitors will have a SPAM world and now let’s Welcome a new SEO spam world – In future, you can see more and more keywords stuffed into the image file name.

4. A new landing page

Google says: Once you click on an image, you’re taken to a new landing page that displays a large image in context, with the website it’s hosted on visible right behind it. Click anywhere outside the image, and you’re right in the original page where you can learn more about the source and context.

Actual Experience: A large image context comparatively gives good user experience than what it used to be in older Image Search.

google image search landing page

upgraded Google Image Search landing page

And above all if you are not happy with this new Image Search, Google has also given an option to “Switch to basic version” – but again that is just buried right down after several scrolls. It could be good if you can see them on the left menu or at the top (as how usually Google used to offer “switch back” option for any new feature introduced)

But the major improvement (Google claims it as improvement) is the Image Search Ads.

Google says: And for our advertisers, we’re launching a new ad format called Image Search Ads. These ads appear only on Google Images, and they let you include a thumbnail image alongside your lines of text.

Oh, yes here comes one more colorful world open for Ads.

“Google Image Search Optimization” or “Google Image Ads Experts” could be the buzz phrases soon.

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Local business directories help your business locally to improve the traffic and also to show your listings on top in search engines like google. Where you can expose your business by adding information like uploading photos, contact number, business hours, business description, company logo and other important info. There is an option called edit where you can add more info or in case to change the present info.

Here are the few free Local Business Directories where we can publish our business locally.

1. HotFrog :
• Submitting your business in Hotfrog – It improves the traffic in google local search listings and also google maps appears highly in listings as a SEO factor for google.
• Submitting press releases having relevant info with certain potential keywords will help to increase ranking on both Hotfrog and search engines.
• Google will not pass PR (page rank) for all the sites, it allows PR to any site as long as google finds its TOS (terms of service) more accurately.

2. Thomson Local :
• It is a UK based directory. Most of all SME’s (small & medium enterprises) do not have websites, so the only way for these local businesses to get them on google is Thomson Local.
• Apart from this Thomson Local no other UK directory is able to offer online exposure for SME’s website.

3. Merchant Circle :
• It promotes your business in few min.
• Merchant Circle online directory & marketing platform allows creating a high landing page, which includes your business blog creation, e-newsletter generator gallery with photos& videos, branded online ads and coupon distribution.
• Local promotions are published through localized Twitter accounts by Merchant Circle.
• To get new visitors we can link with other businesses on Merchant Circle, so that it helps to create your own network.
• Merchant circle gains more traffic compared to
• Where business owners can manage their online reputation by avoiding reviews from other locations through Merchant Circle.

4. Yelp :
• By submitting your business in Yelp the search results will be on top five.
• By listing your business in Yellow page, the chances are high to get more results without any user reviews also.
• We can also upload photos, set price range and share info about business hours & other related info.
• It dislikes the spam content.
• By using Yelp’s social networking features you can connect with more people by boosting your business presence on Yelp.

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Recently google has announced new indexing system “Google Caffeine”, everyone are interested in how google new indexing system will affect their SEO, Let me explain few insights of “Google Caffeine”

Google Caffeine is just change in indexing method i.e. how it indexes and how it give information or search results. Before Google use to take few weeks to crawl your website and then it index was updates. But caffeine was introduced to improve the speed, relevancy, size and comprehensiveness of google search.

So, Google is indexing faster than before, SEO activities done for your website may have faster impact on Seo rankings. No need of waiting for few weeks to expect your ranking or Seo results.

Google Caffeine is giving greater importance for real time web, such as Twitter and Facebook updates directly into their results. So, using social media and social bookmarking for your SEO strategy will not only assist in ranking within the real time search results and it will help google to index your content fast.

Google Caffeine gives a greater importance for content quality and website speed, reliability of your website. This means your website loading time can affect your website rankings, so anything you can do to improve your website load time will be beneficial. Comparatively to know about google caffeine and old google indexing methods check the below link and
Google caffeine indexes the web more frequently and deeply for providing real time search results up to the minute content, such as blogs and tweets.

These are the few insights of Google Caffeine, so it concentrate more on social media and social bookmarking, For better Seo results and good page rank of your website, try to link your website to Social media so it may get indexed fast and it will help you to get the good ranking also.

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Well, as we all know, Scribd is a document sharing social site which allows you to create or upload a document directly. Though, Scribd is one of the most popular social website in the world, did you know each month more than 60 million people reach and share documents.

Okay, let’s discuss why millions of people discover and share their writings in Scribd.

Is Scribd a best way to generate traffic to your business?

Yes of course, because

  1. Scribd is free to use and allows you to create unlimited documents.
  2. You can easily upload one or many files of most file types, where scribd’s iPaper transforms “print” files like PDF, PowerPoint or Word in to a unique web document.
  3. Allows to share your documents with the world, which in turn indexed by search engines. This improves your online visibility and also helps visitors to find your documents through Scribd’s search function.
  4. Desktop Tool – lets you to upload unlimited documents quickly without entering in to Scribd website. Once the upload is done, your document will be available for viewing on Scribd immediately.
  5. Traffic Analytics – allows you to track number of views for each document and how many times it has been downloaded.
  6. Allows you to share your documents with status updates Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, Stumbleupon and many other social media sites.

Scribd is the best place to promote your brand awareness and increase link building. The right way of using Scribd is by providing a useful and compelling content, which helps to build a good reputation online. Scribd users should not forget to share their writing & find new content by joining a group on Scribd. One of the feature i personally liked in Scribd is E-Book Store, where it allows authors to charge for the content.

Scribd’s competitors are Docstoc and Slideshare, where they offer features similar to Scribd such as upload and download documents, presentations & photos and share them with the world. Though Docstoc is not as popular as Scribd, it is a great place for those who are interested in a professional document sharing site. It has categories such as legal, business and financial.

WetPaint and Squidoo are the other best places to generate most of the traffic to your business.

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Though multiple Google Places bugs have been reported, here are top 3 noticed and most discussed ones.

1. Google Maps shows wrong star rating: Third party reviews show WRONG star rating

Google pulls information like reviews, ratings from third parties, which it believes can help users to make informed decisions. But this bug which has been reported lately can damage the business to large extent allowing searches to be mislead and can collapse the reputation of the business online.

There are many business owners complaining about this issue.

Wouldn’t it be better to have no reviews instead of negative reviews or low rated reviews been shown for your business?

Google says it can take multiple weeks to resolve this problem. hmm..

2. Single Local Business Listing shown for Category Search

This bug has been discussed for a long time and still exists. The case is worse now which shows a Place Page of a single wrong listing.

Vanessa Fox reported an instance similar today.

I noticed this one –

shows one single listing Place Page of ‘London Foot Surgery & Podiatry Clinic’ whose actual business name is ‘Premier Foot & Ankle Centre’. Being an owner verified listing – shouldn’t the title be the actual business name instead of those keywords stuffed ones? Does that mean any business can include potential keywords as their title and try to be shown for such search?

3. Google Places showing wrong business information

Note: Many of this issue have been resolved after Google closed the open edit option.

  • Many business owners complains saying their business is associated with wrong/other business information for which they receive enquiries and it annoys them.
  • There are instances for a listing being hi-jacked.

After discussing all these points (and when someone knows whatever changes you make in Google Places will not work as quick as Google Search), there can be a thought – what is the point in trying Google Places then?

Beyond all these there are many advantages of Google Places.

  • Most of the time the users who comes to your business through Google Places are highly potential – who were looking for directions, your working hours, or your phone number. The conversion rate is comparatively high.
  • And now with Google Places Analytics you can work wonders for your business – it allows you to take top level business decisions like expanding your business when you see ‘driving direction request’ coming largely from a particular location.

To conclude – whatever it is everyone have to rely on Google to run a business.

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We have all heard of SEO, the practice of optimizing a website for reasons of attracting targeted search engine traffic. But similarly a important practice of website optimization is taking place i.e, social media optimization.

Well, What do u mean by SMO, It is a set of methods for attracting visitors to your website content by promoting and publicizing it through social media. Social media is potential to achieve high google and other search engine rankings.

SMO is a subset of social media marketing. Social media marketing is a term that describes use of social network, online communities, blogs or any other online media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service.

Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Orkut and Youtube, so which help to promote public products and services in general through social media.

Social media offers unlimited opportunity to reach out to people, create awareness and also to attract their attention.

In SMO there are two online methods of optimizing i.e. Attracting visitors to website content and another method is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Let me explain how we can attract visitors (SMO) to the website content (SMO methods)

SMO include adding RSS feeds, social news buttons, blogging, and incorporating third-party community functionalities like images and videos. Besides this methods to make the site more attractive for the users and spread it through social media sites.

SMO is the aims to gain a successful Social Media Marketing which involve using of social networks, online communities, blogs or any other online marketing to get boost your search engine ranking. Some of social media marketing tools includes blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn.

Advantage Of Social Network Marketing

  1. It helps to increase link popularity and to gain  non reciprocal links
  2. It helps to create brand awareness in the social network.
  3. Traffic driven to your social networking websites.
  4. Greatly expanded to reach  potential customer
  5. A boost to your search engine ranking

So, Using social media tools also we can improve the business traffic.

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