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Whenever someone starts developing a websites, people are thinking whether to have a website for google good website rankings or a website which is good looking with flash contents.   As you all know, flash site indexing has always been a problem for search engine optimization. Because of this reason people are neglecting flash content even though flash improves the site design and visibility. So, people who think about google rankings are choosing user friendly and SEO friendly websites.

Here is the good news for Flash developers. Recently, Google has announced good news for flash developers about SWF indexing technology. Two year ago google announced that collaboration with adobe, google flash index technology has been improved. Also laser year they followed up with a good news that they added external resource loading to SWF indexing capabilities.

Last month again google has expanded SWF indexing technology. So now google robots are significantly better at recognizing and indexing sites that uses JavaScript to embed SWF content. Google has improved video indexing technology also. So, now google SWF indexing technology allows robots to see content from SWF files.

Google is working to improve the ability of indexing deep linking i.e. content with in a flash technology based application that is linked to form the same application and also further indexing technology of SWF files executed through JavaScript.

Well, Google gave happy news to SEO people and website designing people also, now we can expect all our web pages can indexed by Google robots.

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