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Want to enhance your local business through Google Map listing? Go for Google Places Tags, which offers small and mid-sized business listing to stand out on Google and helps to grab attention of the potential customers.

Recently Google has added a new service in Google Places called Tags which is basically used for advertising purpose. Now, with the advent of Tags, Google Places is not only providing free local business listing but it also serving as an advertising platform for SMB’s.

Tags are nothing but yellow markings appearing below the business listing. You can make use of these Tags to highlight the uniqueness of your business by promoting specific information about your business such as special coupons, menus, discounts, promotions, photos, videos, link back to your website, custom messages and much more on Google Maps as well as

To get Google Tags for your business listing just follow the below easy steps

  1. Add your business for free by signing up for Google Places
  2. Provide complete information about your business to claim listing and then validate listing with Google Places
  3. Visit to your account dashboard, create and activate your Tags (costs a fee of $25/month once after 30-day free trial is up)

You can track the efficiency of Google Tag for your listing on Dashboard. One more important feature of Google Tag is that you can create custom messages Tag, which can be changed at any time based on your business new services and promotions. If you want you can also remove Tag, this will deactivate the Tag from your business listing and you will be charged only for the portion of the month the Tag was active.

Visit and links to acquire more information about Google Tags.

Let us see an example for Google Tags. If you search for “Resorts near Napa, CA, United States”, you can see that Milliken Creek Inn & Spa has created Google Tag to endorse their promotional offer Free 75-minute Massage (a $160 value).

Google Tags

Considering the attitude of most of the customers, you can notice that, when you highlight special discounts, offers and promotions directly on the search result page there will be more chances of attracting and making the customers to click over your business listing. However activation of Tags doesn’t have any effect on ranking or order of your business listing in search results but if you rank better it will surely assist in your CTR.

To conclude I can say that if you have your own business, then listing it in Google Places with Google Tags will help to promote features that make your business distinct and also add value to your online presence.

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As we all know, Google Maps helps to view maps and get driving directions of local businesses.

Google Maps has added an awesome feature called “Google Street View”, which provides panoramic views from various positions along many streets in the world. This amazing feature which was launched on May 25, 2007 allows users to explore the world through Street View.

Google Street View is not only about finding local business, the functionality of this wonderful feature is one of the fascinating function of Google Earth. Through Google Street View, anyone can see the actual view of the historical places, capital cities, and many more from various positions. It is the easiest way to find any particular area or address with all details on your screen.

Is Street View an  amazing experience? Still wondering, look at the below image.

Diving a bit deeper, let’s understand how we can use this feature.

Using this tool is fun and easy, simply drag the orange “Pegman” icon on the left-hand side of the map onto location of your interest. The navigation controls on the left hand side of the map helps you to customize your view, zooming and tilting.

Take a look at the below image to see the actual view of the street.

Congrats to the Google Team for their fabulous work. Google Street View is no doubt an excellent tool for location views and hope you all enjoy this tool.

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Though multiple Google Places bugs have been reported, here are top 3 noticed and most discussed ones.

1. Google Maps shows wrong star rating: Third party reviews show WRONG star rating

Google pulls information like reviews, ratings from third parties, which it believes can help users to make informed decisions. But this bug which has been reported lately can damage the business to large extent allowing searches to be mislead and can collapse the reputation of the business online.

There are many business owners complaining about this issue.

Wouldn’t it be better to have no reviews instead of negative reviews or low rated reviews been shown for your business?

Google says it can take multiple weeks to resolve this problem. hmm..

2. Single Local Business Listing shown for Category Search

This bug has been discussed for a long time and still exists. The case is worse now which shows a Place Page of a single wrong listing.

Vanessa Fox reported an instance similar today.

I noticed this one –

shows one single listing Place Page of ‘London Foot Surgery & Podiatry Clinic’ whose actual business name is ‘Premier Foot & Ankle Centre’. Being an owner verified listing – shouldn’t the title be the actual business name instead of those keywords stuffed ones? Does that mean any business can include potential keywords as their title and try to be shown for such search?

3. Google Places showing wrong business information

Note: Many of this issue have been resolved after Google closed the open edit option.

  • Many business owners complains saying their business is associated with wrong/other business information for which they receive enquiries and it annoys them.
  • There are instances for a listing being hi-jacked.

After discussing all these points (and when someone knows whatever changes you make in Google Places will not work as quick as Google Search), there can be a thought – what is the point in trying Google Places then?

Beyond all these there are many advantages of Google Places.

  • Most of the time the users who comes to your business through Google Places are highly potential – who were looking for directions, your working hours, or your phone number. The conversion rate is comparatively high.
  • And now with Google Places Analytics you can work wonders for your business – it allows you to take top level business decisions like expanding your business when you see ‘driving direction request’ coming largely from a particular location.

To conclude – whatever it is everyone have to rely on Google to run a business.

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Google introducing several new features to google places, here is the brief explanation about google places new features. The new features are

  1. Place page posts.
  2. Advertise
  3. Coupons

Place page posts: You can share recent updates about your business with users on your listing’s place page. You can post up to 160 characters about your updates, one post appears at a time.

To post to your Place Page, follow the instructions given:

  1. Login to your Google places account.
  2. Select the listing which you want to post, and click either Impressions column or Actions column.
  3. In the top right hand side of the corner, you can find a box that allows you to post.
  4. Write you message and you can click post.
  5. You can post up to 160 characters.
  6. After posting you place post, posts can be deleted from google places dashboard using the Delete link next to the post.
  7. Each place page will show one post at a time, if you post new one it will override the currently showing in your account.
  8. Here is an example how you page post will appear in google place searches

Advertise: Google places allow you to advertise about your business by highlighting with a yellow marker, which will appear next to your business listing on google maps, it will cost $25 per month. It will not affect any ranking factors, simple it gives more information when a user is searching.

Google places allow you to advertise your business for 30 days free trial, all you need is a PIN verified business listing in your google places account and a credit card. To start google tags 30 days free trail, follow the steps given

  1. Login to your google places account and view your dashboard.
  2. Find the listing you would like to add the tag
  3. Click the “create Tags” link
  4. Scroll down the pages and the see yellow box below your listing’s activity dashboard
  5. Choose the feature of your business you want to highlight by selecting it in the dropdown menu.
  6. Click “proceed to billing” to enter your credit card information.
  7. Click Active my listing

If you completed the above process, your tag will start displaying in results on google within few hours only. You can edit your tag at any time. To know more about how to use this feature, check this

Coupons: Local listing coupons help you to promote your business discounts to local consumers, here is the steps to create your coupon in your local listings at google.

  1. Login to your local business account.
  2. Click on the coupons tab in the top.
  3. Click add new coupon.
  4. You’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out different fields including headline, sub-heading, description, image, and offer code of your business.
  5. Clicks continue.
  6. Your coupon will appear in your local business listing within 24 hours. You can find the coupon in Google Maps by clicking more info in your listing’s info bubble, and clicking the ‘Coupons’ tab.`

These are the new features recently added to google places. Try to use these features to maximizing your business visibility in google.

Posted by Ramya

Google Local Business Center which is now called as Google Places has added detailed analytics report to each business profile. Analytics report will show the listings along with statistics on impressions, actions and top search queries.

Here is detailed report –

Activity Graph: This graph display the traffic depending on the interval you have chosen. Activity graph helps you to track amount of visitors over a period of time, which in turn helps you to see whether your listing is working effectively.

Impressions: This refers to number of times a visitor saw your listing as a Google Local Search Result.

Actions: This refers to how many times  a visitor ‘clicked’ onto a link inside the listing, such as opening More Info on the map, selecting Driving Directions Requests, and clicking the embedded website link.

Top Search Queries: These are the top keywords for which your business listing came up in their Google Local searches. Top search queries helps you to get an idea of which keywords are the most popular for your business.

Driving Direction Request: Which zip codes customers are coming from when they request directions to your location.

Google Maps Analytics helps you to understand how many times your business listed in Google Maps local search results, what search queries lead visitors to your listing, and what zip codes customers come from when they search for directions to your location.

– Posted By Rajeshwari