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Scribd: Reasons to Improve Search Engine Traffic

Posted on: July 19, 2010

Well, as we all know, Scribd is a document sharing social site which allows you to create or upload a document directly. Though, Scribd is one of the most popular social website in the world, did you know each month more than 60 million people reach and share documents.

Okay, let’s discuss why millions of people discover and share their writings in Scribd.

Is Scribd a best way to generate traffic to your business?

Yes of course, because

  1. Scribd is free to use and allows you to create unlimited documents.
  2. You can easily upload one or many files of most file types, where scribd’s iPaper transforms “print” files like PDF, PowerPoint or Word in to a unique web document.
  3. Allows to share your documents with the world, which in turn indexed by search engines. This improves your online visibility and also helps visitors to find your documents through Scribd’s search function.
  4. Desktop Tool – lets you to upload unlimited documents quickly without entering in to Scribd website. Once the upload is done, your document will be available for viewing on Scribd immediately.
  5. Traffic Analytics – allows you to track number of views for each document and how many times it has been downloaded.
  6. Allows you to share your documents with status updates Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, Stumbleupon and many other social media sites.

Scribd is the best place to promote your brand awareness and increase link building. The right way of using Scribd is by providing a useful and compelling content, which helps to build a good reputation online. Scribd users should not forget to share their writing & find new content by joining a group on Scribd. One of the feature i personally liked in Scribd is E-Book Store, where it allows authors to charge for the content.

Scribd’s competitors are Docstoc and Slideshare, where they offer features similar to Scribd such as upload and download documents, presentations & photos and share them with the world. Though Docstoc is not as popular as Scribd, it is a great place for those who are interested in a professional document sharing site. It has categories such as legal, business and financial.

WetPaint and Squidoo are the other best places to generate most of the traffic to your business.

– Posted By Rajeshwari


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