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Google Maps Analytics

Posted on: July 12, 2010

Google Local Business Center which is now called as Google Places has added detailed analytics report to each business profile. Analytics report will show the listings along with statistics on impressions, actions and top search queries.

Here is detailed report –

Activity Graph: This graph display the traffic depending on the interval you have chosen. Activity graph helps you to track amount of visitors over a period of time, which in turn helps you to see whether your listing is working effectively.

Impressions: This refers to number of times a visitor saw your listing as a Google Local Search Result.

Actions: This refers to how many times  a visitor ‘clicked’ onto a link inside the listing, such as opening More Info on the map, selecting Driving Directions Requests, and clicking the embedded website link.

Top Search Queries: These are the top keywords for which your business listing came up in their Google Local searches. Top search queries helps you to get an idea of which keywords are the most popular for your business.

Driving Direction Request: Which zip codes customers are coming from when they request directions to your location.

Google Maps Analytics helps you to understand how many times your business listed in Google Maps local search results, what search queries lead visitors to your listing, and what zip codes customers come from when they search for directions to your location.

– Posted By Rajeshwari


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