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Google Local Business Center – Google Places

Posted on: May 5, 2010

Google Local Business Center has been changed to Google Places and you can access this with the URL and they also added some new features to google places. Let’s go through that features…

1. Services Areas/Locations:

2. Flat-Rate Ads (Tags) – Google enhanced listings are now called as Tags i.e. You can add a local business link to photos, videos, their web site or other content and it shows up right in the business listings, for this you have to pay $25 /month. These features are available now in Houston, San Jose,  Austin, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Boulder, and San Francisco will be added soon.

3. Interior Business Photos:  Google is going to contact local photographer to take their interior business photos and add that to google places, it’s a free of cost for business owners. Now this service is available in selected cities of U.S, Australia, and Japan.

4. QR codes: For all registered local business in google places can access a unique QR code .

5. Local Dashboards:  Google places dashboards are available in Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, and China.

6. Local Stats of Google places: Google has announced some interesting local stats.

  • 20% of searches on Google are “related to location”
  • There are 50 million place pages
  • More than four million business listings have been claimed on Google, and almost two million of those are in the U.S.

These are new features recently added to google places, so let’s start optimization for google places.


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