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How to Improve Online Visibility through Video Sharing Sites?

Posted on: April 16, 2010

Online video sharing sites allows users to upload, share, and view videos. When submitting your video to online video sites, did you know that you can optimize those videos so that they are bound to get more views? We all want our videos to get more views, right? Well, let’s talk a bit about optimizing videos for the online video sites.

Here are some points to remember while optimizing videos to improve online visibility.

  • Give your video a Catchy Title
  • Optimize your video for Important Keyphrases
  • Provide Transcripts of your Videos
  • Offer the Option to Embed Your Video
  • Make sure that your video clips are relevant and informative.

YouTube is one of the popular video search engine that allows you to set up your own customizable channel which helps to tell users a little more about your company. Make sure to be active in the YouTube community by commenting on other videos and subscribing to other user’s channels which helps to improve rankings.

Also, is a great place to add your video, if you put your keywords in the title of your video there’s a good chance that it will rank well in Google. Whenever uploading a video, try to pay attention to tagging the video properly with the appropriate anchor text, title the video with important keywords and make sure you add your website’s URL to your profile page.

Apart from this, promote your videos by embedding them in your blog entries, in blast emails, and on pages of your website. The point of video for business purposes is usually to drive people to your website.  Don’t forget to tell your viewers where you want them to go! You can do this in the video itself, as part of your profile, or both.

Overlook in to other video sharing sites which helps improve online visibility

Metacafe –

Google Video –

Yahoo Video –


Daily Motion –

Flickr Video – –

Motionbox –


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